Yesterday must have been a bad day for liberal Sen. Mark Udall, who is running faster than Prefontaine from his association with failed President Barack Obama. First, Udall refused to appear at Obama’s public speech in Cheesman Park, and then, Udall canceled plans to attend his own fundraiser that Obama was headlining.  Well, today is not getting much better for the embattled Senator with his opponent’s release of a new ad called “Liability”.

The ad features the so-bad-it’s-memorable February 2014 interview between Udall and CNN‘s Dana Bash, who asked Udall three times whether he would campaign with President Obama.  Each time, Udall sidesteps the question, saying that it will depend on schedule.  The Gardner campaign overlaid Udall’s inconsistencies and ties to Obama as he’s trying to side step the truth.  This one hurts, doesn’t it, Senator?

Take a gander: