“Man, I’m loving these Chicago-style politics”

The Senate Majority PAC— the pro-Udall, pro-Democrat outfit—released an ad today that utters the word “rape” five times in just 30 seconds.  You know that narrative Colorado Democrats were trying to push this morning that Sen. Mark Udall was actually up by seven points in this race? Yeah, that’s dead.  An incumbent leading by that much would never have such a shrill ad put out on the behalf by an outside group.  This instead smacks of a old, worn out candidate trying his damnedest to hang on by his finger nails.

This is an ad one would more expect out New York or Chicago, where they could give a damn about any sort of civility and only worry about winning no matter the costs.  New York or Chicago style politics have no place in Colorado, where more often than not, the things that unite us greatly overshadow whatever divides us.  State Senator Ellen Roberts echoes this sentiment when she released this statement on the ad:

“There is such a thing as going too far in political advertising and Senator Udall and his allies have done it in this new ad. Rape victims should not be used as a political football and the fact that Senator Udall and his allies are content with exploiting rape victims to win reelection should cost him the support of women for using tragic circumstances as a tool for his gain. This ad lies about Cory Gardner three times in thirty seconds and uses the word ‘rape’ five times to lie about the Congressman’s record. It’s extremely disappointing to see a Senator from Colorado and his allies resort to these shameful and divisive tactics in an attempt to further his political ambitions. The ad should be removed from Colorado’s airwaves immediately.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

Mark Udall continues to show he might have been gone to DC as a Coloradan, but his extreme liberal voting record and now his bitter, tactless need to win at all costs show he certainly stopped being one somewhere along the line.