While much ado has been made about the “statistical tie” between Udall and Gardner (who leads by two points) in the most recent Quinnipiac Poll, the poll also found that Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul is the man to beat in Colorado in 2016…at least when paired against presumptive presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Yes, 2016 is far off.  But, the poll also speaks to Clinton’s vulnerability as a candidate.  Here are the results of the question “if the election for President were being held today, and the candidates were Hillary Clinton the Democrat and Rand Paul the Republican, for whom would you vote?”

Among respondents, 43% would vote for Clinton and 46% would vote for Paul.  While it’s not surprising that the vast majority of Republicans would vote for Paul and the vast majority of Democrats would vote for Clinton, Paul appears to have an edge among Independents (42% would vote Paul, 40% would vote Clinton).

It’s also worth noting that Paul leads among 18-29 year olds (44% to 37%) as well as 30-49 year olds (46% to 44%).

With Paul’s message of shrinking government and its intrusion in our lives, it’s no wonder that Independents and younger voters approve of him over the author of the first attempt at Obamacare, Hillary Clinton.  Democrats still have time to find other candidates and who knows who the Republican nominee will be, but given that Hillary just finished a junket here in Colorado, it must be disappointing to be behind.