“That be so funny if we killed all Republicans, guys! JK, JK, JK. OMG, guys, you know I’m not serious, because then I’d be, like, psycho”

First, Howard Dean wanted to ship all Republicans to the Ukraine or Russia.  Now, unions and at least one elected official are calling for the GOP’s death.  As The Colorado Statesman reports, state Rep. Crisanta Duran marched with a Latino group and the Service Employees International Union as they chanted “Death to the Colorado GOP.”

At a rally on Tuesday in downtown Denver led by the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, Latino leaders and community groups held a mock funeral procession in which they declared, “Death to the Colorado GOP for killing immigration reform.”

Joining the demonstration was state Rep. Crisanta Duran, D-Denver.

“It is very frustrating that they have not been part of the solution to see comprehensive immigration reform, to actually get it done,” said Duran. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Imagine that, Republicans not wanting to work with a group that is chanting for their death.  Call us crazy, but that seems like a very natural response.  The fact that it doesn’t even register with Duran at all doesn’t surprise us.  PeakNation™, you may remember Duran as the exceedingly divisive chair of the normally, quite civil, Joint Budget Committee.  Even more bizarre, chanting “death to the GOP” above isn’t even the first time Duran has hinted at violence against political opponents.


No wonder she couldn’t get a single House Republican vote for the budget (outside the ceremonial JBC solidarity one by Rep. Cheri Gerou) she guided this year, even though that very same budget got wide, bipartisan support over in the state Senate.  Good thing someone so tactless, tone deaf, and partisan isn’t the chair of two of the most powerful committees in the Colorado legislature…  Yikes Democrats, this is really one of the best people you can find to lead you?  All we have to say in response is:

“Maybe we should buy a gun to defend ourselves from Democrats. (Joke) [adding the parenthetical clause makes everything all right, right?]”

“Death to the Colorado Democrats.”

Yep, feels just as crass and humorless going from this side to that side, as it is going from that side to this side.  Good thing the entire Colorado political community will stand up together to such non-sense, and keep putting our genial way of legislating first… [Cue crickets chirping]