In an era when political rancor runs high and the general public is searching for leaders to break through the din, yesterday, a union political organization stood out.  Not for taking a leadership role, but for being exceptionally rancorous. In July, liberal Rep. Crisanta Duran was caught chanting “Death to Colorado GOP” – totally unbecoming of an elected official, regardless of whether she agrees with those across the aisle or not. We called her out on it.

Yesterday, the Service Employees International Union finally responded to the tweet…after an entire month had passed.  Here’s what the SEIU had to say about Colorado GOP:

SEIU Local 105, is death to GOP a cause you believe in?  We certainly hope not.  Then again, without Colorado members of the GOP, SEIU might save a significant amount of money.

Since 2000, SEIU and its various entities have spent nearly $8 million to influence state and local races (donating exclusively to Democrats and their causes, of course).  This cycle, SEIU has spent at least $75,000 against federal candidate U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, and almost as much against Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running against liberal Sen. Mark Udall.

But, beyond the cost savings realized if all Colorado GOP candidates, um, died, we’re pretty sure there are at least a few GOP union members. No wonder union membership is at an all-time low.  Who wants to belong to a union that calls for its members’ deaths?