Today Laura Carno at released a hilarious new ad asking why liberal Sen. Mark Udall, so desperate to keep his job with the U.S. Senate that he’s invoking  “War on Women” hyperbole, can’t stop talking about women’s birth control.

From the ad:

Hi Senator Udall.  It’s Laura Carno, a constituent of yours from Colorado Springs.

Senator Udall, I just tried Googling “Buy Birth Control” and I got over seventy three million results.  Seventy three million. It seems birth control is about as easy to get as an aspirin.

So I have to ask Senator Udall: Why do you get your underwear all in a bundle about women and birth control?  Do you honestly think we need the government to make these choices for us?

And by the way Senator Udall, your hypocrisy with women is deafening.  We can all agree women’s private health care should stay out of corporate boardrooms.  But don’t forget, you cast the deciding vote that forced the federal government directly in to our medicine cabinets.

It’s time for you to stop butting in to my private medical care Senator Udall.  It’s none of your business.

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