The Denver Post recently broke the news that CEO of the Colorado Health Exchange, Patty Fontneau, would be leaving for greener pastures at Cigna as the president of Private Business Exchange in mid-August.

We admit that we have given Patty Fontneau a hard time here.  Unfortunately, she’s the head of the ridiculous Colorado Health Exchange, which sorely lacking in transparency to taxpayers.  Thems the breaks when you’re a leader.

Calling her a lightning rod, The Denver Post noted:

Part of the criticism Fontneau and the exchange has faced stemmed from personnel issues, including Fontneau’s $190,000 salary and 2.5 percent raise this year. Her pay and that of other exchange officials is higher than counterparts at three similar state exchanges.

Oh, and let’s not forget her bonus. So get bonus, check.  Get raise, check.  Realize this place is still sinking faster than the titanic, check. Deny audit, check.

Fontneau told The Denver Post that the exchange was in such a great place now, but the truth is that we have no idea since she won’t allow an audit.  By the way, Patty, Cigna will require audits of your division.  We think it’s a regulatory thing.  Hope you won’t mind.