“Must keep party going.”

When The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels brought this video to our attention, it got passed around the office because frankly, no one wanted to sit through 20 minutes of a New York hipster making googly eyes at Gov. John Hickenlooper like he was the second-coming of Christ.  Of course, Hick being the attention/love whore that he is, eats it up.  If only everyone in Colorado would fawn over and appreciate him like New Yorkers do, then life would be perfect.

Let’s start with the basics for this interview.  Jimmy Ludwig, a Broadway actor who is in Aspen for the summer, has a hipster blog built all around things hipsters love, especially microbreweries and drinking.  Natch, Hickenlooper was attracted to such absurdities like an alcoholic to his next drink.  James has Hickenlooper take us through his origin myth and one thing become clear quite quickly: despite being the Governor of all of Colorado for the past four years, Hickenlooper has never truly left LoDo.  The man built lofts above his brewery, not to create a village as he says in the video, but so he would never have to leave the party.  There must be some deep, dark demons in Hick if he is afraid to be alone by himself for too long.

“Having a drink allows people to relax a little bit more, and reveal themselves, and open up a little bit to someone they might otherwise be guarded.”

Apparently, according to Hick, brewmasters are just a step below the Pope.

The neediness of Hickenlooper comes out glaringly when James makes the mistake of saying Hickenlooper was reelected mayor of Denver by 80% of the vote, which, Hickenlooper quickly hops into to correct and say, “eighty-seven, I’m not bragging, just saying” all with a sh*%-eating grin from ear to ear.

There’s a reason Hickenlooper is so popular in LoDo versus everywhere else in Colorado, he’s a luxury Governor.  Listen to him list off the things he felt he achieved as mayor and governor: craft bicycles, music concerts, farm to table restaurants, microbreweries, wineries, craft distilleries.  In Hick’s ideal world there is no room for the Coloradan who shops at Target or Walmart; there is no room for the young family on a tight budget, whose only treat is a once a month trip to Chili’s; there is no room for the manual labor worker, who opts for the 24-pack of Coors over a microbrewery six-pack.  Should it be any surprise then, that come the end of the video this New York hipster actor can’t fall over himself quick enough in endorsing Hickenlooper.  A hipster’s whole lifestyle is one stuffed full of privilege and luxury, paying $80 for a shirt that they try downplay in having it look like it came from a thrift shop.

Yet, here in Colorado, we’ve never been one to get all wound up about being fancy.  Rather, we’ve lived here because we know there isn’t much better in life than putting in a hard day’s work, coming home, putting your feet up, and letting your thoughts drift as your eyes trace over the mountains.  It’s time to get back to a governor who feels that same ethos in their heart.  Sorry Hick, but this party is over.