We’ve written at length about the all the jobs created by oil and gas in Colorado, and the economic benefits the industry provides.  That is why we love a new data that parses out those statewide jobs numbers by congressional district and calls out members who are voting against their own constituents. 

(According a story in the Washington Examiner, the data was courtesy of John Dunham and Associates via Western Energy Alliance.)

Basically, WEA has compiled a list of 20 congressmen who voted against the Keystone XL pipeline and in favor of Pres. Obama’s overreaching emissions standards.  Both votes directly threaten the thousands of jobs and millions of dollars their districts receive from the oil and gas industry.

It’s no surprise that Rep. Jared Polis votes against energy jobs in his own district, but guess who else made the list?  Rep. Ed Perlmutter.  According to WEA, 5,224 of Perlmutter’s constituents make their living off of the oil and gas industry.  These workers make $358 million in wages and produce $1.3 billion in economic output.

The numbers for Polis are even more striking – 7,056 of his constituents make their living off of oil and gas, which translates to nearly $438 million of wages.  Polis has made it clear that he doesn’t give a sh*t about those 7,056 jobs.  It’s probably safe to say in light of his recent behavior that Polis even looks down on those jobs.

But what about Perlmutter?  Does he share Polis’s view about oil and gas workers?  Or will he find the courage to publicly oppose the Polis initiatives and stand up for his constituents?