Guess the moral of this ad, PeakNation™: a woman is frantically on the phone as an “ex” is trying to break down the door to her house; after he busts in and grabs the kid, he pulls out a gun and, though left unseen, is implied to have shot the woman.  Our thinking here at the Peak: get that woman a gun to defend herself.  If the guy is determined to bust down the door, with the cops hopelessly too far to respond quickly enough, at least he’ll be staring down the barrel of a gun as a mama grizzly defends her cub.

Oddly enough, this is Michael Bloomberg’s–yep, every Coloradans’ favorite New Yorker–idea of an anti-gun ad.  The messaging in it is so bad, even the local New York City media can’t decipher the supposed liberal message behind it.  Have a look for yourself:

New York News