“How dare you disbelieve it doesn’t smell like roses.”

What’s worse than a politician?  A politician who thinks he’s not a politician.  PeakNation™, right now we have a whiner-in-chief commander in chief who believes people only disagree with him because they personally don’t like him.  All criticism of him has to do with who he is, not what he does.  Disagreement with him has nothing to do with a trillion dollar, red-tape filled, bureaucratic-creating, inefficient bill that affects every American and directly interferes with 1/6th of our economy—which, in the end, only got the uninsured level to the same point a thriving economy was able to accomplish on its own.  Much to our dismay here in Colorado, it appears our own Governor, John D. Hickenlooper has caught the same disease.

Hickenlooper has long thought his shit doesn’t stink he’s above the political fray; that when he passes a bill all experts around him tell him is unenforceable, it’s only because they are trying to score political points.  With him being above such shallow deficiencies of character, he truly is more prophet than politician: bringing the truth from on high and delivering it to us low mortals who care about such trivial things like paying our bills.

Such arrogance from Hickenlooper was again on full display last night when he responded that any criticism of him comes from those who are merely playing politics, and could in no way be related to worrying about our electricity bills skyrocketing.  As Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post writes:

On Tuesday afternoon, Republican Bob Beauprez, who wants to unseat Hickenlooper in November, appeared at a Denver rally protesting EPA power plant proposals and once again repeating his mantra about the lack of leadership in Colorado.

When asked about the charge, Hickenlooper shrugged.

“It’s a political season,” he said. “If I say ‘up,’ they’re going to say ‘down.’ If I say ‘left’ they’re going to say ‘right.’” [the Peak’s emphasis]

Yep, Hick, it’s all about you.  It has nothing to do with a unilateral power grab by the EPA that some estimate will increase our electricity bills by nearly 50%, while doing away with 24,000 good-paying, Colorado jobs related to the coal-industry.  Yep, Hick, it’s all about you, you smug, arrogant liberal.

It is now quite clear Hickenlooper has a full-blown case of Obama Disease: where all disagreement with him comes not from a place of legitimate concern, but rather, just a case of us plebeians trying to bring him down to our slimy level.  Heaven forbid the thought that Hickenlooper might not be as omnipotent as he thinks himself to be.

It’s time for Colorado to have a Governor whose arrogance doesn’t poison all political debate.