“I really shouldn’t release these IRS emails.”

Each new revelation in the ongoing Lois Lerner IRS scandal is more disturbing than the last one.  Information of the totality of the situation continues to leak out at a slow pace as Lerner appears to have done everything possible to obstruct the Congressional investigation.  Lerner’s hard drive conveniently got scratched / crashed / destroyed / vaporized itself shortly after Congress started asking Lerner questions.  Among those lost (for now) communications are ones between Sen. Mark Udall, his office, and the IRS.  We’ve already seen once how nasty Udall’s office can be when they think no one is watching.  If Udall has nothing to hide this time—unlike last, he should release all communications between himself (and his office) and the IRS.

In the newest revelation about Lerner’s emails, Lerner calls regular conservative Americans “[email protected]#holes” and “crazies.”  The tone is so brazen, even the MSM can’t ignore it any more.  Willie Geist, a pundit for MSNBC’s Morning Joe sums it up succinctly enough:

“If the question is, ‘was there political, ideological bias inside the IRS?’ Geist asked, “It’s hard to argue ‘no.’”

Such bias and behavior from one of the most intrusive and powerful bureaucracies of the Federal Government should be chilling to any American; especially so for all Coloradans, who highly value our independent freedom from the heavy hand of Government.  Even the hint that one of our own Colorado-elected officials might have even the smallest part in such an abuse of power, makes it necessary that Udall come clean with whatever communications he had with the IRS.  For Udall, if he has nothing to hide about this entire matter, clearing up any association with this scandal should be quite simple.

Due to previous behavior, and the mounting evidence that Udall no longer understands what it means to represent the spirit of us Coloradans, it’s only natural we’ll assume the worst about Udall’s role in the IRS schedule the longer he refuses to confront it.  The questions will become: how comfortable can Udall and his staff be that Lerner truly did destroy all communications between the IRS and them?  Is Udall willing to gamble that those emails will remain forever hidden, that whatever he or his office had to say will remain buried?

The fact that Udall is even weighing those options over the chance to clear the air on this issue shows how much Udall has changed just in the past six years.  How long ago did he leave behind any sense of what us Coloradans really stand for?

If Udall has nothing to hide, it’s time for him to address this issue head on.  Colorado deserves nothing less.