Last night, we received the sad news that The Colorado Observer would cease publication as of today, citing that they “have run out of money”.  Today’s media outlets struggle enormously to make their ventures profitable – even the most successful of the industry.  Nonetheless, TCO’s disappearance has left a hole in Colorado’s media landscape.

Here is the farewell note from Audrey Hudson, editor of TCO:

The Colorado Observer Ceases Publication

As the editor of the Colorado Observer, I am sorry to report that we are ceasing publication Aug. 1. We’ve run out of money. I hope we are able to find additional funding in the near future to resume operations, but it’s possible this marks the end of our run as an online publication.

The Colorado Observer launched in February 2012 with a mission to bring readers “Colorado news, analysis and commentary from a fresh perspective.” I believe we’ve done that.

We have tried to cover the top news stories with voices and viewpoints that are often overlooked, while exploring in greater depth issues that tend to receive short shrift in major media outlets.

We’ve taken pride in our coverage of elections, the state legislature, the historic legislative recalls, gun control, hydraulic fracturing, the environmental movement, ethics issues, the death penalty, public lands, endangered species, and water rights, as well as our daily coverage from Washington, D.C.

I know there were stories that would have been overlooked but for our pursuit. I know there were assumptions that would have gone unquestioned but for our analysis. I know we have made a difference in Colorado. And I hope that one day soon we will be able again to contribute our fresh perspective to the free exchange of ideas that is so vital to a democracy.

I would like to thank the reporters, editors and contributors who made it possible for us to have such an impact in such a short time. Most of all, I would like to thank our readers for their interest and support. It has been an honor and a privilege to bring you The Colorado Observer.

While the publication has left room for resurrection, it’s farewell for now.  We will certainly miss TCO, and we tip our hats to everyone over there on a job well done.