Today, the political class is waiting with baited breath to see if Polis goes through with submitting signatures for his anti-fracking ballot measures or if he backs down.

The pressure on Polis to drop his initiatives has come from both sides of the aisle and across all sectors of the business community.   While it doesn’t behoove Polis politically to press on, he’s also backed himself into quite the corner. 

The Denver Post is reporting that as of this morning Gov. Hickenlooper is still trying to broker a compromise despite his failed effort to do so earlier this summer.  From the Post:

Under the proposal, two initiatives aimed at tightening controls would be withdrawn and two so-called pro-industry initiatives would also be pulled back. 

Whether Hick will be able to come up with something that is truly bipartisan and not just an appeasement to Polis is still in question.   One of the pro-industry initiatives is sponsored by Rep. Frank McNulty and Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg – neither of whom would be motivated to do Polis or Hick any favors.

On top of that, the pro-energy coalition Vital for Colorado has made a direct appeal to Polis asking that he stand down and withdraw his anti-fracking measures.  Then last week, the group took out a full-page ad in The Colorado Statesman highlighting their letter, and they hosted a joint tele-Town hall with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association to educate voters about Polis’s damaging initiatives.

With pressure continuing to mount – even up up to the last possible second – we have to ask, will Polis blink?