Does Colorado Left extremist shill Laura Chapin really get paid to shovel her BS?  We can’t even argue with her on philosophical grounds as she proves by her multiple manipulations of facts, she lives in her own fantasy world.  Then again, Colorado Democrats haven’t been in touch with reality for a while now.

But, don’t take our word for it, let’s dive into this drivel:

What a disaster, and an embarrassing contradiction to the whole “rebrand” effort. Leave it to the House Republicans to drive home the narrative to Latino voters that Republicans are completely hostile to them and their families.

…And it’s why Rep. Cory Gardner can’t win his race for the Senate. Gardner’s votes to deport Dreamers…

Chapin doesn’t let the fact that Gardner actually voted against the very bill Chapin uses to paint Republicans as extremists stand in her way.  No, for her, lying to prove her point is just as good as actually having a well-thought out point to begin with.  Chapin looks even worst when she knows herself that she’s lying by omission here.  Here’s a tweet she sent out Saturday morning, already in full spin mode:

Does she just hope everyone is as lazy as her and won’t call her out on this crap?

She follows up this brilliant piece of intellectual dishonesty by trying to push the tired, old narrative Democrats have on gerrymandering:

Republicans have decided their only chance of retaining any influence is to gerrymander the House into a puzzle catering to the most blinkered elements of their base.

Does this mean she’s not very well-read either?  Even that bible of progressivism, The New York Times, has refuted these worn-out themes:

In the vast majority of states, our nonpartisan simulations produced Republican seat shares that were not much different from the actual numbers in the last election. This was true even in some states, like Indiana and Missouri, with heavy Republican influence over redistricting.

…The problem for Democrats is that they have overwhelming majorities not only in the dense, poor urban centers, but also in isolated, far-flung college towns, historical mining areas and 19th-century manufacturing towns that are surrounded by and ultimately overwhelmed by rural Republicans. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Even in the few states were Republicans netted a few extra seats, Democrats more than offset them by the maps they drew in states like Illinois and Maryland.

We’re surprised Chapin didn’t break any laws of physics, the way she had to bend and twist so many facts to fit her narrow-minded narrative.  Her final void of logic comes when she claims people like Rep. Michelle Bachman and Rep. Steve King are leaders of House Republicans:

A Republican party that’s run by Rep. Michelle Bachman, Rep. Steve King and Cruz isn’t a national party.

Odd, with the recent reshuffling of Republican leadership, one would figure if King and Bachman we’re so prominent they would have looked to become the next Majority Leader, or at least the Whip.  Then again, even if King and Bachman were leading the House, they’d probably be closer to the middle than Nancy Pelosi ever was.

In the end, Chapin’s article is just the perfect illustration of how much defying of logic the Colorado Left has to do to make its arguments palatable to the average Coloradan.  No wonder Colorado Democratic candidates are screwed this November.