“I’m losing, so now I’m fiscally conservative… just don’t ask about single-payer.”

Running to the Left of Democratic Sen. Michael Bennett didn’t work for perma-candidate Andrew Romanoff (D- Gypsie) in 2010, so now he’s trying to run to the Right of Republican Rep. Mike Coffman in 2014.  Can we just get Romanoff a street corner and a cardboard sign that says, “Will Do Anything To Be Elected,” just so he can leave the rest of us in Colorado alone.  In today’s sign of the apocalypse, Romanoff has come out in favor of a balance budget amendment, an amendment usually associated with Tea Party candidates.  So for us scoring at home, this makes Romanoff the only candidate in the entire United States (House Rep., Senate, Governor, Dog Catcher) that is both in favor of a balance budget amendment and a single-payer health system.

The fact that Romanoff is concerned about making sure the Government lives within its means now, is quite hysterical.  Especially, when you factor in at one time Romanoff lead a one-man quest to undo part of Colorado’s infamous TABOR law, the best protection Colorado taxpayers have from an overreaching government.  As The Denver Post reported at the time:

The man flagging down passersby outside the Colorado Convention Center wanted change — not quarters, but a controversial change to the state constitution that would undo part of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

 …After Gov. Bill Ritter, the teachers union and fellow lawmakers stopped short of fully supporting his initiative, Romanoff launched his own quest for the ballot, personally collecting 1,500 signatures and speaking across the state. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

Needless to say, Romanoff running an ad that would be more at home in a Republican primary than any district Romanoff has ever represent, means his campaign is on life support; he’s the football team throwing Hail Mary passes in the third quarter.