Got to look good for my biggest donors

Looks like some small infant decided to cross the interstate again.  Gov. John Hickenlooper can’t seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth.  The latest?  His nonchalant admission he won’t be paying our sheriffs around Colorado a living wage because his biggest donors don’t want him to.  As 9News reports:

The average Joe wouldn’t be surprised to learn that major supporters of politicians influence their decisions, but rarely does a politician just come right out and say so.

That’s what Gov. John Hickenlooper appears to do in a clip of video, obtained by Colorado-based conservative group Revealing Politics…

“Part of who called into my senior staff were these large donors,” Hickenlooper told the roomful of sheriffs. “In Colorado, nobody donates more than $1,100, so there’s no corruption.”

Hickenlooper continued, explaining that the people who called are “busting their butts” to raise money for campaigns and wouldn’t be pleased with the optics of politicians raising their own pay.

We don’t know about you, PeakNation™, but the average Coloradans we know aren’t tossing around a $1,000 like it’s no big thing.  But, when you’re like Hickenlooper, who is good friends with billionaires like former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, we guess hanging out with people who think a thousand dollars is a lot of money isn’t something you do much.

For future reference Hick, if we donate only $500 can we at least talk to the intern of your intern?  Good to know Hickenlooper’s big donors are more important to him than Colorado law enforcement officials who help protect us everyday.  Perhaps if Denver had more sheriffs, Hickenlooper would actually be concerned about their well-being.  But, as the story has been with Hickenlooper for the past four years, if you’re a Coloradan who doesn’t live in Denver, Hickenlooper could care less about you and your concerns.

Here’s the video from Revealing Politics.  Listen to Hickenlooper’s own damning words for yourself, PeakNation™: