Since the fracking ballot initiatives that everyone was carefully watching have now been pulled, we thought we would cover the ballot initiatives are actually headed to the 2014 colorado-state-capitolballot.  The next step for each of these initiatives is for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to certify the signatures, of which each needed just over 86,000.

  • Initiative 48: Requires labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms
  • Initiative 124: Ensures that any public school board or district meeting covering collective bargaining agreement is open

Rich Coolidge, spokesperson for the Secretary of State, explained the process to The Denver Post:

“We have 30 days to verify them. We start off with a 5 percent random sample with each of them. If with that sample we find out they qualify, then we will qualify them. If not, we have to go hand by hand through each of them.”

The following initiatives have already made the ballot:

  • Amendment 67: Recognizes unborn children as persons
  • Amendment 68: Funds K-12 education via gambling at horse racetracks

We support the people’s right to put these things on the ballot, but we just have to wonder if GMO labeling belongs in Colorado constitution.