“Maggie and I: Eco-extremists #1 team!”

Just in case no one was quite sure where Sen. Mark Udall’s real loyalty lies, eco-extremists from Washington D.C. and California were more than happy to spell it out for us at a conference up in Aspen.  Quotes by Gene Karpinski, the President of the far-left organization the League of Conservation Voters, were especially enlightening.  Not only does he completely obliterate any illusion that Udall may be a center of the road moderate, but he does it so matter-of-factly that it is abundantly clear Udall is thick as thieves with them.  As Karpinski told everyone up in Aspen:

“We [LCV] do a scorecard… Mark Udall, your current Senator has a 97% lifetime score.  And, not only does he vote right almost all the time, he’s a champion… His wife Maggie comes out of the movement as well.  She gets it.  It’s a team that works all the time.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

Unlike Karpinski, the normal Coloradan doesn’t have a cushy job working for a beltway firm, they actually have to worry about the economic catastrophe that would befall us if these eco-extremists ever got their way when it came to governing.

Mike Phillips, a state Senator from Montana, shows just how much eco-extremists don’t understand jobs and the economy when he had this to say about it:

“Currently we have the marketplace so eschewed [sic], by so willingly hiding all these costs.  We routinely deny important negative externalities…  As soon as we put the market signals more right, private money will chase profits…”

As we wrote about earlier, The Economist puts the price of carbon at roughly $185 per carbon ton before renewables are competitive.  To put that in perspective, right now the European economy is struggling to support even just a $10 per carbon ton cap and trade market.  Incorporating those hidden costs like eco-extremists want would most likely raise electric rates a cool 1,700%, and that’s being generous.

But, the hits don’t stop there for Udall, as Karpinski willingly admits those EPA regulations Udall called just a “good start,” are in reality the most extreme carbon proposals America has ever seen:

“We have an EPA announcing back on June 2nd, by far the most aggressive proposal to cut carbon pollution this country has ever seen.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

This all shows that Udall’s extreme positions are more at home among eco-extremists like Tom Steyer out in California, or with Karpinski stuck in the Washington D.C. Beltway mentality.  So much so, the activists of the far left have long considered Udall their “champion.”  No amount of empty campaign rhetoric Udall now utters will change what his actions and record have been saying these past six years.