We don’t know what is more sad and depressing for Colorado Democrats: the embarrassing plagiarizing of themselves or the fact that they think these attacks against Rep. Cory Gardner are strong enough to bear repeating.

Brandon Rittiman over at 9News places two Democratic ads attacking Gardner next to each other.  Lo and behold, the Democratic operatives who made these ads couldn’t even be bothered to cast two actors, and just used the same one.  Further, the tone, the pace, the rhetoric, even the kitchen where the ad takes place are all the same.  Hopefully, one of the Democratic outside groups who paid for these ads saved its receipt; they should be able to demand a refund for such shoddy work.

To add to the embarrassment of the entire situation, the attacks leveled against Gardner in these ads are mostly distortions or just outright lies.  The fact that they are attacking Gardner for tax breaks that Sen. Mark Udall himself has voted for, shows just how desperate the Colorado Left has gotten in trying to lower Gardner’s numbers to Udall’s level.

Have a look for yourself here: