“I’m only to happen to bend to Obama’s will.”

Sen. Mark Udall was in Gunnison this week, getting a lesson on how listing the Gunnison sage grouse as an endangered species would harm the economies of Gunnison and large parts of the Western Slope.  Now, we’re sure he made all sorts of promises, and said all sorts of nice words, like that he would fight to make sure President Obama didn’t harm a place Obama’s most likely never been to.  But, as we’ve illustrated many times, and as the people over at Breitbart do once again, Udall’s actions fall very far short of whatever he might say:

Colorado Democrat Senator Mark Udall is talking a good game (bird) when it comes to an issue with significant economic ramifications for the West, including in Colorado; however, his actions, unlike his words suggest there is good reason for concern. (the Peak‘s emphasis)

Breitbart goes on to speak about a Wall Street Journal article that illustrates how Obama acting in coordination with Green Activists and his Department of Interior could use the listing of Gunnison sage grouse as a way to prohibit development throughout western Colorado.  Not only would this be a huge infringement by over-bearing Washington Bureaucrats on rural Coloradans, but it would also be an economy killer.  Any sort of activity aimed to produce more jobs and grow the economy would almost certainly have to run through a new slew of red tape aimed at choking off all individual initiative or innovation.  Obama’s government has a history of taking a very broad view when it comes to impact of ecological systems.  Anything from you coming within thousands of miles of disturbing nesting grounds (approximately), to you looking at one of the birds funny usually results in eco-extremists getting butt-hurt and the federal government yelling at you for being a bad person.

Once again Udall’s actions paint a very different story then his words:

Udall could have voted to prevent the above from happening in the foreseeable future, instead, he’s claiming the threat is required to make local officials act to protect the bird. That position assumes the local officials and state citizens that vote them in and out of office are incapable of acting responsibly without being threatened from the federal government. So much for all politics being local.

It should come as no surprise that Obama has put off any final decision on the Gunnison sage grouse until after midterm elections.  It’s only all too easy to connect the dots that no one from Gunnison or the Western Slope is going to want to vote for Udall after he bows to whatever Obama and the eco-extremists want to do to Colorado once again.