Today, reports surfaced on Twitter that embattled U.S. Senator Mark Udall (again) kicked out not one but two trackers from an event at which he was speaking, the Women’s Forum on Economic Opportunity.  The fact that he was speaking at all at such a forum after paying women in his office so much less than men is hilarious.  It would almost be like football player, Michael Vick, jailed for dog fighting, speaking at a PETA conference.

Nonetheless, trackers from Revealing Politics and America Rising were each kicked out after successfully RSVPing for the event. See the successful RSVP of one of the trackers here to the right.

And, then, here is a tweet from Revealing Politics below.

The question we have is – what is Mark Udall hiding and why is he so unwilling to go on record at this event?  What could he possibly be saying in there?  Or, is he simply afraid that the women, once inside, might turn on him and shout him down over equal pay the way Hickenlooper was shot down by his base at the convention for supporting fracking?

Anyone who attended this forum – what on earth happened in there that was so controversial?