“I’d do it again!” (Udall on Obamacare)

Crossroads GPS is up once again with another ad attacking Sen. Mark Udall for his Obamacare vote.  According to the most recent Quinnipiac poll, Coloradans still oppose Obamacare 57%-40%, this is pretty much a no-brainer.  Especially when one considers that without Mark Udall voting for Obamacare, we would not now have it in its current form.

Democrats have been playing fast and loose with Obamacare to make it is as palatable to the public as possible.  President Obama disregards whole sections of the law passed by Mark Udall and his fellow Democrats, trying to prevent it from becoming a bigger disaster than it already is.  Which makes one wonder, why was such a monstrous, horrible bill forced through with such gusto so quickly to begin with?  To think, if Udall had taken a moment to slow down and truly question whether this bill would be good for Colorado, he could have prevented so much harm.  Instead, Udall rubberstamped whatever Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi wanted at every turn.

Now, Colorado Democratic-appointees like state Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar are doing their best imitation of Obama in trying to cover for Udall this fall.  State Senate Republicans sent a letter at the end of July, demanding to know with what authority did Salazar unilaterally change federal law when even herself a few months before said she couldn’t:

“What laws were changed between your March 25 statements at a stakeholders meeting, where you said the policy could not be changed without legislative action, and your May 2 announcement where you did a complete 180?” asked State Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud). “Was your reversal of policy due to more information on what the law required?”

This issue is far from dead, and as the Crossroads GPS ad shows, the preponderance of f*#%-ups in this law are rampant.  When stacked together like they are in this ad, they hurt Udall’s reelection chances, especially with nothing else for him to turn towards.