Photo courtesy of America Rising PAC via Google

Today, the New York Times published a piece about how Democrats claim that they have no relationship with President Barack Obama and place the blame squarely with the President.  Isn’t that convenient?  Democrats are looking less and less likely to maintain their stranglehold on the U.S. government come November and now they run to their newspaper of record to “whine” about how they basically have no relationship with their president who has an absolutely abysmal approval rating?  We’re calling campaign shenanigans.

Of course Democrats want to pretend that they have no relationship with their commander in chief when his approval is so low.  This is clearly a story planted by Democrats to distance themselves from Obama.  Or, put another way, this is Democrats’ national version of Mark Udall refusing to appear with Obama earlier this summer.

There was one tidbit that caught our eye.  President Obama has played 180 rounds of golf since becoming President.  Only one Democratic Member of Congress has had the, ahem, privilege of playing with our Golfer in Chief.  That’s Mark Udall.

Now, you might say that makes sense.  Udall is well-known for his outstanding golf game, so if Obama is picking one member, it should be Udall.  Well, that may be true, in fact, in 2011, Golf Digest ranked him the top politician golfer in Washington.  Here’s what Golf Digest said:

Top-ranked among elected officials–after considering reports from multiple sources and a shortage of posted rounds by him or his closest contenders–is Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), a widely acknowledged 2-handicapper. (Udall was the leading proponent of the novel bipartisan seating arrangement at this year’s State of the Union address.)

Golf is a frustrating sport, and we applaud Udall’s athleticism.  But, don’t you think that Colorado deserves a Senator that is better known for his successful (and helpful) legislation than his golf game and seating charts (even Golf Digest made fun of him for that!)?