In a new long video by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the GOP puts forth its greatest strength in defeating Sen. Mark Udall this fall: Rep. Cory Gardner.

The seven-minute video fleshes out the background of Gardner for those who are not familiar with him.  A fifth-generation Coloradan who comes from a small business family with a demeanor that is at once welcoming and confident.  The positive personal piece is a breath of fresh air in a race that has been dominated by Udall’s quite cynical and very negative campaign.  Udall has already splashed out millions of dollars in negative ad after negative ad after negative ad ($10 million approximately, and yet no movement in the polls.  Ouch).

The contrast between the two couldn’t be sharper: the youthful, energetic, positive, charming Gardner versus the old, dour, cynical, negative Udall.  Even if that doesn’t reflect who Udall is personally (as some people claim *cough* Bartels *cough*), it certainly reflects the campaign he has chosen to run now.  That Udall is willing to let his name be attached to such an endeavor speaks louder than anything else.

Gardner, on the other hand, is a man rooted in Colorado values, a man who couldn’t have avoided them even if he wanted to, a man born, raised, and brought up in them.  Like they say in the ad:

“Those Colorado values were the foundation for Cory: where everything counts, and everyone matters because we’re all in this together.”

Who better reflects Colorado values?  The man in the video below or Udall and his multiple, cynical political ads polluting the airwaves right now?