With former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi coming to town on Friday, it’s time for Colorado’s wandering politician, Andrew Romanoff (D- Teepee—so he can follow the political buffalo herds) to answer an important question: if he were to win this November (stop your laughing PeakNation™) would his first vote be to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House once again?

This is vital for every Coloradan to know because, while we completely disagree with Pelosi on almost every major political issue facing our country right now, no one can doubt her abilities as a political operator.  This is the lady, who as Speaker, had no problem sacrificing 63 moderate and blue-dog Democrats to get her extremely-Left agenda passed.

Pelosi represents the 8th most liberal Congressional District in the country (no one cares about Washington D.C’s Rep, since they can’t vote), at an astounding D+34 score on the Cook Partisan Voting Index.  Needless to say, she brought the full liberal feelings of her district to bear upon the entire country when she was Speaker.  If Romanoff is elected, we, as Coloradans, need to know he will not vote for 2008 to happen again.

Remember, in 2008 and 2009, Pelosi didn’t even get her full agenda passed.  Left on the table was:

  • A carbon tax that would have even further crippled our economy than it already has been under President Obama and Rubber Stamp Udall.
  • A proposal to give the Washington D.C. Representative the right to vote despite the fact they would have an outsized voice in Congress based on our federal government being based there.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform that would be just as long as Obamacare’s 2000+ page bill if not more (not to mention the 20,000 pages of regulations that have come with it).

Pelosi already demonstrated in her short span as Speaker that she was too liberal for America.  The fact that House Democrats reelected her even after they lost 63 seats under her leadership, shows just how much power and influence she wields among her underlings.  Should Romanoff win, there is no doubt he would quickly fall under her dominion.

With Pelosi being in our state on Friday, it is time for Romanoff to answer whether the first vote he casts in Congress will be to make her Speaker again.  His affirmative answer will only illustrate that he is to extreme to represent such a moderate district like CO-06.

As Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli told The Denver Post earlier this year, it’s impossible for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker again without Romanoff.