“Nothing is too slimy for me to do to get reelected”

PeakNation™, you may have missed this Truth Test put out by Brandon Rittiman at 9News this week, but we think it is well worth your time to catch it.  Sen. Mark Udall and surrogates attacking on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s behalf (if Hick is really sincere in his belief that negative campaigning only poisons the water well, then he needs to forcefully denounce anyone who does so on his behalf.  Then again, the only thing Hickenloooper does forcefully is ogle women) have politicized the devastating floods that killed a number of Coloradans last year and destroyed many more lives and communities.  If that wasn’t enough, Udall and Hickenlooper’s complete rewrite of history flies in the face of the very bipartisan response of Colorado’s politicians to the floods last year.  Does Udall not remember sitting across from Gardner in a helicopter as they surveyed together the devastation across Colorado?  Rittiman certainly remembers.

Udall is running a campaign where nothing is left sacred.  What should be a moment of pride for Coloradans everywhere, a time that represents who we are, people who can passionately disagree with one another but come together to fight alongside each other when tragedy strikes, has been cheapened and destroyed by Udall and his campaign, who only cares about winning an election no matter the costs.  That is not the Colorado way, and that is not who we are as Coloradans.  There are lines we won’t cross, and there are traditions of doing what is right that are more important than casting your neighbor out so you can win.  If Udall insists on running a campaign that degrades what us Coloradans can achieve when we come together, then it is time for him to go.

We will say this for Udall though, at least he doesn’t have to hide, cowering behind other people, while they do his dirty work.  Hickenlooper doesn’t even have enough dignity to do that.