Don’t be mad at us, Michael. You should stick to your own state.

The National Rifle Association started a $500,000 TV ad campaign aimed at making sure everyone in Colorado knows the ridiculous comments former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made about us.  As if Coloradans needed more reason to despise Bloomberg and his nanny-state politics.

This is a problem for Gov. John Hickenlooper, since his close relationship with Bloomberg is well known.  From listening to Bloomberg (but not having any time for Colorado Sheriffs) when it came to the gun legislation Hickenlooper signed into law, to writing love letters to Bloomberg, we’re sure Hickenlooper has a shrine set up to his patron saint of know-better-than-thou somewhere in the Governor’s mansion.

Which makes the NRA ad even more devastating is the fact that Hickenlooper takes advice from Bloomberg when Bloomberg clearly has little to no clue about Colorado itself.  Bloomberg’s infamous comments highlighted in the ad where he claims former Sen. Majority Leader John Morse was recalled in an area of the state that is the ruralist of the rural—to the point where they have no roads—ignores the fact that El Paso county is actually the most populous county in the entire state.  How anyone from Colorado could love a man so out of touch with our state to write him a fawning letter, shows just how out of touch Hickenlooper is with anything Colorado not five blocks from Wynkoop.