Democrat’s attempt to block the GOP candidate for House District 23 in Lakewood was soundly rejected, yesterday.  With the judge’s ruling sending a strong message to Dems that disenfranchising voters isn’t the way to ensure electoral victory. 

The irony, of course, is that Democrats consistently try to paint Republicans as a party hell-bent on disenfranchising voters.  Yet, it has become clear the opposite is true.  The Democrat’s strategy is obviously to accuse Republicans of doing what they themselves are guilty of and hope that no one notices.

As the Republican State Party noted in their press release on the HD 23 case:

This isn’t the first time Colorado Democrats sued to disenfranchise voters.  During the historic 2013 recall elections, the Colorado Democratic Party also used the courts in a failed attempt to invalidate the recall petitions and keep the will of the people from moving forward. 

We get why Democrats are so worried about House District 23 that they would resort to such low and desperate tactics.  Not only is current Rep. Max Tyler a supreme doofus, GOP challenger Jane Barnes is the ideal candidate.  She is a small business owner and mother of four with strong ties to the community.  Perhaps most importantly, unlike Tyler, she’s never compared school children to maggots and worms.  So there’s that, too.