“I promise, these regulations are great for Colorado”

As if the Colorado campaign airwaves weren’t already crowded enough, the National Association of Manufactures launched a new radio spot aimed at attacking Sen. Mark Udall for his support of President Obama’s stringent EPA regulations.

NAM represents a new group hopping into Colorado’s Senatorial race, but unlike most of the outside groups already playing in the race between Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner, NAM has been around a long time.  Founded in 1895, the National Association of Manufacturers has long been the largest manufacturing industrial trade association.  Udall’s campaign can’t be pleased to know not only will they have to fend off newcomers like Crossroads GPS and Americans For Prosperity, but, now also, the old guard as well.

The timing of more outside groups piling on Udall couldn’t come at a worse time for him and his campaign as Udall’s biggest ally, San Franciscan Tom Steyer, reveals his own extremist agenda has had a hard time gaining traction, raising less than a million dollars from anyone other than himself.  This is far short of the $50 million Steyer bragged about bringing in when he started really meddling in politics this past spring.

Listen to the ad here, with a transcript of it below:

Protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility, and Colorado manufacturers take that responsibility seriously.  We’re working hard to be responsible members of our community, while at the same time helping to grow our economy and create new jobs.  But, now, politicians and special interests in Washington are trying to impose unrealistic new ozone regulations on Coloradans that will do little to improve our environment.  What they will do is put a stop to all the economic progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve, causing almost 25,000 job losses every year, and costing over a billion dollars more just to drive our cars and trucks over the next 23 years.  Letting Washington bureaucrats run our energy policy is not responsible government, and it’s not why Colorado sent Senator Mark Udall to Washington.  Call Senator Mark Udall today at 303-650-7820.  Tell him to stand up for Colorado manufacturing and say no to unrealistic and costly new energy regulations.