“Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’m here to mansplain everything to you”

Sen. Mark Udall has gone all in hoping women care more about government giving them birth control than actually working.  Job numbers for women through the month of July shows 227,000 more women added to the unemployment rolls, causing the unemployment rate for women to jump from 5.9% to 6.2%. The increase in women’s unemployment was three-times the increase in the unemployment rate overall, showing women are more hurt by President Obama and Udall’s failed economic schemes than men..  As statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show:

The number of unemployed women 16 years and over increased by 227,000 in July.  The unemployment rate for women grew from 5.9 percent to 6.2 percent. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Despite this increase in women’s unemployment rate, Udall—who has declared himself the champion for all things women—has done little to foster a better job and economic environment for them.  Instead, Udall has ran a campaign largely on the derogatory theme that women care for little else than birth control.  We look forward to Udall mansplaining to Colorado women everywhere why birth control should be their number one priority even as fewer of them can find good jobs.

Of the millions of dollars Udall has already spent across multiple ads, despite heavily targeting women, all Udall spends his time talking about is birth control.  Never has he taken a chance in his ads targeting women to talk about what he has done to improve the economy for them, nor has he talked to them about how he voted for Obamacare.  Should the woman who no longer has the health insurance plan she liked, nor the ability to keep the doctor she has come to trust throughout the years be more concerned with that or whether Udall wants government more focused on birth control?

The 6.2% unemployment rate looks even worse for women when one considers the labor force participation rate for women is still well below the 59.5% it was when Udall assumed office.  Not only are more women unemployed, but less women overall are looking for work because they are so discouraged by horrible job market Udall has helped to create.  But, remember PeakNation™, according to Udall, those issues are unimportant to women.

It’s obvious Udall really doesn’t care about Colorado women or the issues they are most concerned about.  He would rather they be simple-minded, one-issue voters who eagerly ignore that he voted with President Obama 99% of the time and how it’s helping to bring more regulations, bureaucrats, and government into our economy and women’s decisions on birth control.  Udall is the real war on women.