We can’t imagine how difficult it would be to lose someone to violence the way the Crowell family did in the Chuck E. Cheese murders committed by Nathan Dunlap.  Last night, murder victim Sylvia Crowell’s family told CBS4 that they believe that Gov. John Hickenlooper’s temporary reprieve was cowardly. From the interview:

“‘I think that’s the coward’s way out, and I view John Hickenlooper as a coward,’ said Bob Crowell, whose daughter Sylvia, 19, was among those killed in the Dec. 14, 1993, slaying of four employees at an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.”

This comes on the heels of his daughter April Crowell’s commentary on the Peak‘s Facebook page earlier this summer when she said:

“By all means, vote for the guy who allowed my sister’s murderer to continue breathing air. Dunlap/Hickenlooper 2014”

See the photo below.

The problem with Hickenlooper’s non-decision is two-fold.  First, the justice system spoke.  It was fair.  Dunlap killed those four people – that is not in question.  He had a trial by jury and he was sentenced.  He offered a half-assed apology letter, saying “even though it is difficult for me to say I’m sorry, I am sorry.” It’s difficult for Dunlap to say he’s sorry?  He should be begging – we repeat begging – for forgiveness for the evil acts that he’s done.  Nonetheless, why should Hickenlooper overrule the will of the people?

The next issue is that now Hickenlooper is attempting to silence critics of this cowardly decision by calling them out for playing politics with a man’s life.  No, sir, that was you.  As Sylvia Crowell’s father noted:

“Crowell chastised the governor for saying his opponents are playing ‘political football’ with the issue.

‘Look who’s doing it: Hickenlooper,’ he said, calling the governor’s stance ‘dirty pool.'”

We just want to know – where was Sylvia Crowell’s temporary reprieve from Nathan Dunlap?  Where was the mercy for her life?

Earlier this week, we joined others in calling for Hickenlooper to make a decision about Dunlap prior to the election.  Coloradans deserve to know where this candidate stands.  But, more importantly, we deserve to know that Hickenlooper stands for Colorado, not some shadowy liberal agenda.