Just a year ago it looked like the anti-fracking movement had all the momentum. Environmental groups created false fears about flood-contaminated water just as four communities across Colorado were set to vote on energy bans. Their deception proved to be successful as all four passed in November. It was a foregone conclusion that fractivists would take their efforts statewide. 

Fast forward 9 months and the tides have turned dramatically. In June, voters rejected a fracking moratorium in Loveland. In July and August, judges overturned fracking bans in Longmont, Fort Collins and Lafayette. The courts are sending a clear message to hardline environmentalists that their efforts have been in vain.

Let’s also not forget that fractivists were let down by their leader, Rep. Jared Polis, when he pulled his statewide initiatives earlier this month.

So we’re left wondering: when will these guys learn their lesson?

If fractivists want to be a constructive part of the conversation, they need to work within the stakeholder process and respect Colorado’s already robust regulatory structure.  The ballot box is no longer a viable path for them.