Cory Gardner’s new ad must really piss of liberal billionaire Tom Steyer.

The GOP senate candidate’s latest 30-second spot highlights his support for Colorado’s wind industry, and the fact that he co-wrote the law to launch the state’s green energy industry.  Gardner’s ad also challenges a common stereotype about Republicans – that they don’t support renewable energy.  The fact is that most of them do.

While rich eco-activists, like Steyer, hope to make the environment a hot button issue during this cycle, they’re going to be disappointed to learn that 1) Gardner is actually strong when it comes to this subject and 2) voters aren’t really motivated by a candidate’s stance on global warming.

According to a recent story in The Denver Post, “National polls often show climate change or the environment as rating in single-digit percentages as the most important issue for voters….” Gardner’s message of creating energy to sustain the next generation no doubt ranks much higher.