Last week, liberal Sen. Mark Udall spoke at The Denver Forum, described as “the finest public forum in the Rocky Mountains”.  Unfortunately, AmericaRisingPAC found that this fine forum is not as public as it claims to be.  The group’s tracker was not allowed to film Udall’s speech at the Oxford Hotel, so on the way out, the tracker has a few questions for the embattled Senator.  Watch below:

From the video:

Senator, I have a question for you. You’re always talking about scaling 14ers, why are you so afraid of the rest of Colorado hearing what you have to say?  Do you have a response to that?

The tracker was met with silence.  Of course.  Every time Udall opens his mouth, he comes under fire.  Frankly, we’d lock him away until the election, too.  But, this is just another instance in which Udall has blocked transparency.  He has a habit of keeping his “public” events oddly private and blocking trackers from filming.

Honestly, it’s not surprising that The Denver Forum was less than public with a right-leaning tracker.  Check out the members of the organization:

Members of The Denver Forum include some of Colorado’s most distinguished citizens, including Governor John Hickenlooper and his wife, Helen Thorpe; former Governor Richard Lamm and his wife, Dottie; former U. S. Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart, Norm Brownstein and Steve Farber of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck….

Nonetheless, it’s time for Udall to remember that, as a sitting U.S. Senator, he is supposed to represent all Coloradans, not just those who agree with him.