The left’s desperate attempts to distance themselves politically – and literally in the case of Sen. Mark Udall – have not gone unnoticed.  Jon Stewart of The Daily Show aired a segment last night that highlighted the ways in which vulnerable Democratic Senators across the country are fleeing from Obama. Included in the list, naturally, was Udall.  Of course, his refusal to appear at a fundraiser the President was hosting on Udall’s behalf is just rude.  The other Senators’ ads are hilarious:

From the part about Udall:

Jon Stewart: Even though the Democrats are throwing the President shade, that isn’t stopping him from working on their behalf.

News: In Colorado, President Obama showed up for a fundraising event last week – a fundraising event for Sen. Mark Udall, but Mark Udall was nowhere to be seen.

Stewart: Oooh, that stings a bit, but if you think you can shame Obama by not wanting to be seen with him in public, the man has two teenage daughters, I think the man is familiar with the concept of being shunned. Dad, can you not President just one time in front of my friends, please?

Pretty sure Colorado deserves a Senator who is not so easily compared to a teenage girl, but, hey, Colorado, it’s your call.