RomanoffGod bless Andrew Romanoff, he’s doing his gosh darn best to do something he’s never done before in his life: be a moderate.  Unfortunately for him, there’s a lifetime of being a radical liberal he will never overcome.  If that wasn’t abundantly clear from his failed attempt to win a Democratic primary by running to the left of his opponent, it certainly is from his close ties to the most liberal House Speaker in the history of the United States.  To make matters worse for Romanoff, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has just started a new ad campaign against him built around that single revelation.  Don’t have 30 seconds to spare PeakNation™?  Well, we’ll sum it up for you very quickly: Romanoff is Pelosi, Pelosi is Romanoff, to vote for Romanoff is to sign off on wanting Pelosi to return to the Speakership.  The very first vote that Romanoff would make if he were to be elected would be to make Pelosi speaker again.

If all that evidence wasn’t strong enough to show that liberal Romanoff is too extreme for the very moderate district of CO-06, we only have to look at the ratings of the non-partisan Crowdpac.  Last week, we posted on how Crowdpac using a myriad of factors ranked Sen. Mark Udall less moderate than his opponent Rep. Cory Gardner.  When we revisit these rankings for Romanoff, we find Romanoff makes Udall look like Ted Cruz in comparison to how liberal he is.  On a 20 point scale, where zero is moderate, and ten in each direction marks the most liberal from the most conservative, Romanoff scored an astounding 9.0 out of 10.  To put this in context, even the uber-liberal Rep. Jared Polis from the People’s Republic of Boulder is only at 7.5.  That’s right, according to Crowdpac’s look at the issues, donors, and past votes and actions, Romanoff is more liberal than Jared Polis.

No wonder Nancy Pelosi can’t wait to get Romanoff into Congress.