"Have you heard the one about my campaign?"

UPD“Have you heard the one about my campaign?”

UPDATE: Stu Rothenberg over at Roll Call now says that Udall’s seat is now at “great risk”:

“any Democratic incumbent sitting in the mid-40s in a very Republican state probably can’t expect to get the benefit of the doubt from voters. And that puts Democratic Senate seats in swing states like Iowa and Colorado at great risk too”


We mentioned this already in our highlights of the Senatorial debate, but when Sen. Mark Udall turned into a comedian at the first Senatorial debate, we knew instantly it deserved it’s own post.  The joke he told got large laughs from the crowd as Udall tried to claim how much the White House fears him. As he told the crowd:

“Congressman, let me tell you the White House, when they look down the front lawn, the last person they want to see coming is me.”

Cue the laugh track.

Remember PeakNation™, this is coming from a man who earlier this year had the claim that he was the “deciding vote” on Obamacare refuted by fact checking organization “because his vote was not up for grabs.” Udall has been such a rollover for President Obama and whatever Obama wants to do that people just know his vote for Obama’s agenda is already assured. Last time we checked, it was Udall running away from Obama, not Obama running away from Udall.

Even on issues like the NSA, an issue Udall claims to be so vital to our privacy, safety, and liberty that he talks about it anytime he wants to show Coloradans what exactly he’s been doing these past six years besides rubber-stamping whatever Obama wants.  Yet, if this issue as dire as Udall claims, it’s bizarre the strongest response Coloradans can get from our mighty defender is a letter writing contest.

This coupled with his extremely liberal voting record, voting 99% of the time with Obama’s agenda, makes Udall’s claim that he stands up for Colorado quite the joke. The real joke is actually on all of us here in Colorado. Absent a Senator and a Governor who knows how to stick up for us, expect Washington D.C. to continue issuing decrees that please Democrats mega donors in California and New York than what is right for us here in Colorado. Mark our words, should Udall be reelected, the overreach by the federal government on such issues like the Gunnison Sage Grouse, will only be the beginning of how Washington begins to dictate our lives here in Colorado.