Sen. Mark Udall is grasping at straws for anything – ANYTHING – that will rescue his flailing campaign, and so he’s glommed on to using totally inappropriate tragedies to score political points.  This is a bad idea, Senator.  His opponent, U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, thinks so, too, in a new ad called “Shame on You, Senator Udall”.  Just watch:

From the ad:

Brandon Rittiman, 9 News Political Reporter: Udall certainly did go there. From a wider perspective though, not that the Udall campaign is in the business of making their opponent look good, you should know that Udall and Republican Cory Gardner worked together on flood response. Both in Washington and here in Colorado, even riding together in a Blackhawk helicopter used to rescue people.

Governor John Hickenlooper: Congressman Gardner, who’s clearly, has the best eyes.

Senator Michael Bennet: Cory was sitting facing the front of the helicopter. I was looking this way. He said, ‘those people are waving at us’ and I said ‘that’s nice’ and he said ‘no, no, they’re waving at us’.

Brandon Rittiman: And so it came to pass that Senator Udall finished that chopper ride with a cat carrier on his lap with grateful survivors sitting on board. Bottom line: We didn’t see a lot of partisanship when it came to responding to the floods here in Colorado.

Text on Screen: Shame on you Senator Udall. Don’t play partisan politics with a natural disaster.