Will Udall snub Bill Clinton like he did Barack Obama?

Sen. Mark Udall is one lucky candidate – the current U.S. President Obama and, now, a former U.S. President are fundraising for his sinking ship campaign. Bail faster!  No, it’s not Jimmy Carter, although, he probably would be a good ideological fit with Udall.  It’s Bill Clinton.  The Denver Post had a delightful little nugget in its reporting on Clinton’s visit:

When Clinton visited Denver in June, he urged Udall to “embrace” the Affordable Care Act and its health insurance requirements.

“Sen. Udall should take former President Clinton’s advice and spend the rest of the campaign explaining his support for Obamacare to Coloradans,” said Gardner’s campaign spokesman, Matt Connelly.

“After all, Sen. Udall votes with President Obama 99 percent of the time and was a deciding vote on ObamaCare — despite the fact he promised Coloradans in 2008 that he wouldn’t support a government-sponsored solution to healthcare.”

Pretty please, Senator.  Please talk all campaign long about your love of Obamacare.  Of course, what all Coloradans want to know is whether Udall will end up as the worst-mannered candidate in the history of the state by snubbing not just one, but two, Presidents who flew all the way out to Colorado to help him keep his job.  He already refused to show at the fundraiser held by Barack Obama to aid his ailing campaign.  Will Clinton get the cold shoulder, too?