200px-Colorado_Democratic_PartyLost in the USA Today/Suffolk poll that showed Rep. Cory Gardner beating Sen. Mark Udall 43-42, and former Rep. Bob Beauprez closing in on Gov. John Hickenlooper 41-43, was the results of two other statewide races: Attorney General and Secretary of State.

Despite many outside liberal groups trying to come and play in Colorado’s Secretary of State race between Democrat Joe Neguse and Republican Wayne Williams, Williams has a six-point lead, 35-29.  Unaffiliated voters are breaking for him by eight points (28-20).

Over in the race to be Colorado’s Attorney General, the news is even worse for Democrats as Republican Cynthia Coffman has a 10-point lead over Democrat Don Quick (40-30).  Just like Williams, Coffman’s advantage with unaffiliated voters is even larger than her lead in the overall poll, 33-24.

Meanwhile, the Democratic-dominated Colorado legislature is under water when it comes to its favorable/unfavorable rating among Coloradans 35-40.  The Legislature’s negatives grow to a -9 among unaffiliated voters (33-42).

On the generic ballot, Coloradans are favoring Republicans by six points over Democrats (46-40).

When this is all added up, the Colorado Democratic Party should be extremely nervous.  As it is shaping up right now, even if Democrats drop enough money and ads into Colorado to squeak Udall or Hickenlooper across the line, Colorado voters are showing they have no stomach for the extremely liberal agenda Democrats have been trying to force down Coloradans’ throats.  With Democrats having a razor-thin majority in the Senate, even the slightest of Republican headwinds can knock them out of power.