"I'm not dour!  My ads just make me seem that way."

“I’m not dour! My ads just make me seem that way.”

According to a Quinnipiac poll released this morning, Rep. Cory Gardner is up by 8 points on Sen. Mark Udall (48/40).  And, according to Tim Malloy, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, Udall is floundering:

“For Sen. Mark Udall, the head to head numbers are bad and the character numbers are worse.”

“U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, for now, is in the driver’s seat in a race with National importance.”

Well cock-a-doodle-do, said the rooster.  And, sure, after Colorado Lefties tried their best last week to declare this race all but over, it’s good to see a poll that has them sputtering, stuttering, and tripping over themselves to dismiss it because everyone knows in politics, if you ‘splaining, you ain’t winning!

Here at the Peak, we like to conduct ourselves with more dignity and poise than the trolls on the Left (then again, it ain’t hard when their only rival to overreacting to every little, single thing are teenage drama queens.  “Mom, I like, totally can’t wear that.  That is, like, so last week.  If you make me wear that, I might as well lay here and, like, die.  Yes, mom, I am, like, on the ground, like, dying right now…”), and know one poll a race does not make.  Yet, if you told us when Udall and his campaign looked at this poll that the blood drained from their faces, we wouldn’t be surprised, this poll is that bad for them.  Let’s dive in.

Just like yesterday’s poll from Suffolk, the attempt by Udall and his Democratic, big-money backers to carpet bomb Gardner out of the race with tens of millions of dollars in ads has yielded exactly a +3 advantage with women for Udall (46/43).  At that rate of return, Udall and Democrats might have to spend more money than the trillion dollar Obamacare to get Udall re-elected.

All those negative ads Udall thought would lead to re-election, look like they’ve bounced back to hurt Udall, and have only illustrated to Coloradans everywhere how much of a jerk Udall is.  Udall is under the water when it comes to favorable/unfavorable by eight points (42/50); more Coloradans view him untrustworthy (46) than trustworthy (42); and, more Coloradans think he doesn’t care about them (47), than those who think he does (46).

On the flipside, all of those are overwhelming positive for Gardner: a +26 in trustworthiness (54/28), a +14 (51/37) in caring about people’s problems, and a +10 in favorable/unfavorable (47/37).  After viewing numbers like these, how quickly will outside liberal groups realize they are just throwing away their money with every new negative, attack ad they buy for Udall?

Udall has run one of the most despicable, negative, cynical campaigns in Colorado history, and now the voters of Colorado are making him pay for it.  Look for Udall to try hard at the debates to change this… Oh, wait