This is perhaps the most depressing headline we’ve seen in a long time: “Two JeffCo high schools cancel classes because of teacher absences.” Jeffco Public Schools

This organized absence from work is unlikely a bug going around school, but rather a “sick out” that was pre-planned by teachers who are clearly out for themselves and not for the kids.

According to Fox 31, teachers were upset with the JeffCo school board over a new pay scale and new curriculum. Under the plan, starting teacher’s salary would go up $5,000 and pay raises would be determined based on performance.

Oh the horror!!!

The anti-reform crowd has had a target on the back of the conservative JeffCo school board ever since they were elected last year. These guys can’t even go to the bathroom without the teacher’s union crying fowl.

Disagreements are bound to happen in district as big and diverse as JeffCo, but staging a “sick out” is the absolute wrong approach to get your message across. It’s selfish and compromises the education of Colorado children.  These teachers need to suck it up, do their job, and win the argument based on the merits of their policies not based on immature tactics.