We’ve been following developments with the Jefferson County School Board and teachers union very closely since last week, when teachers staged a “sick out” that actually caused classes to be cancelled.

Now, there are stories of student protests pouring out of the district, but a 9News report in particular has us doubting their true intent and authenticity. Take a look at the below video. The interesting part starts around timestamp 3:15 when the 9News reporter says:

“I asked a lot of students yesterday, why are you out here? Why are you protesting? Some of them didn’t really know the real reason why they were out there. Some say to support their teachers. Other’s really passionate about changes to that history course.” (Peak emphasis)

“Some of them didn’t really know the real reason.” Wish we could say that statement surprised us. We have no doubt there are a handful of students genuinely put off by changes to their curriculum, and they have every right to express their opinion.

But, the truth is, who of us wouldn’t have left class for any reason back in the day? Just how many of these students are simply there to get out of class? And how many of these students were put up to this by an adult with an agenda?

These are questions that reporters should be asking.