All right people of Jefferson County, it’s time to calm down. Jeffco Public Schools

Today brought the news that threats have been made against the children of some of the Jefferson County school board members on the heels of disagreements over changes to teacher pay and curriculum.

Students began protesting changes to their curriculum on Monday and have been at it for four days now. Though, many of them aren’t sure what they’re protesting and are just happy to be skipping class. Students also seem to be misinformed about the board’s final decision regarding the proposal to change their curriculum – it was ultimately tabled and has not been approved.

Fifty teachers also staged a sick out last Friday that led to schools cancelling classes.

All of these theatrics – and make no mistake, that is what’s happening – are no doubt backed and encouraged by union thugs and sympathizers. But enough is enough. The situation has escalated to an utterly ridiculous level and is officially out of control.

Parents and teachers need to take the reins, so these kids can actually go back to getting an education. And whatever idiot thought it would be a good idea to threaten someone’s child over a policy disagreement deserves to be put in jail.