It’s no secret that Sen. Mark Udall is hiding from Coloradans.  With poll numbers like his, we’d probably hide, too.  But, Compass Colorado is trying to force Udall out from under his rock with a new online petition demanding that Udall find time in his busy mountaineering schedule for televised debates against his opponent U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner.  In case you missed the “the truth, it burns” edition of CBS4 reading Udall the riot act, it is below.


The truth is that Udall refuses to participate in any major network debates.  Even the so-called 9News debate is on some wonky channel.  As Compass Colorado executive director Kelly Maher said:

“How are Coloradans supposed to make a thoughtful decision on their ballot without the opportunity to compare the two candidates…? …we all deserve the chance for a real conversation this election.”

Colorado, here is your chance.  Sign the petition.  Tell Mark Udall that he needs to answer for the past six years.