RomanoffThis is what happens when you represent a deeply blue Denver district for eight years, and then try to run to the Left of a sitting Democratic Senator, you have a record that could only get elected in the big three, ultra-liberal B’s: Berkeley, Boulder, and Brooklyn.  Unfortunately for Andrew Romanoff, he’s not running in any of those districts (well, at least not this cycle).

So, when the National Republican Congressional Committee was putting together its first ad for CD6, it had more than plenty of material to pick from on which to attack Romanoff.  We’ve transcribed what the NRCC settled on here:

People should look at Andrew Romanoff’s record.  Andrew Romanoff tried to undo TABOR.  He wants to tax us more, he wants to spend more.  He doesn’t think that Obamacare went far enough.  Andrew Romanoff is way too extreme for our family.  We already have enough big spending, big taxing politicians in Washington.  We don’t need another one. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

One important attack left unsaid was The Gazette headline in the background that read:

Romanoff: Architect of One of Colorado’s Largest Tax Hikes [the Peak‘s emphasis]

We can only hope Romanoff tries to resurrect his “I swear guys, I’m a fiscal conservative ad” from earlier in this cycle.  How delightful would it be to see that ad and this ad shown back to back.