bullet riddled auroraToday, the Colorado Independent must have left its sensitivity chip at home today because a tweet the liberal news organization sent out characterized Aurora as “bullet-riddled”. The media organization was trying to critique a National Rifle Association flyer in support of Rep. Mike Coffman.  Based on the article, we can only assume the Twitter intern is referencing the Aurora Theater Shooting.  From the article:

“Aurora was the setting two summers ago of the horrific movie theater that made national headlines. It is also home to high-level everyday gun violence. Aurora has a 4 percent higher murder rate than does the country at large.”

There are so many issues with this.

First of all, we’re pretty sure the City of Aurora does not view itself as “bullet-riddled”.  To reference such a senseless act of horrific violence in such callous terms is wrong and fails to acknowledge the powerful survivor mentality this community has embraced in the wake of this shooting.  Further, the left has pounced on anyone who has even accidentally and tangentially referenced this horrible event in political terms.  For example, when folks have used that infamous picture from the press conference that featured three Democratic public officials – it’s one of the only pictures out there of President Obama, Sen. Mark Udall, and Gov. Hickenlooper.  But, really, unless you knew the picture, it would be tough to tell it was from the press conference.  But, the criticism is right.

This example is different.  The left purposely and callously called up the Aurora Theater Shooting to score political points against someone with whom they disagree.  That’s wrong.

The Colorado Independent also references a high crime rate in Aurora, but that’s still referencing events in which there are likely victims, which is still wrong.  The Tweet is still up.  The article still attempts to use crime victims to sell its political views.  The Indy should be ashamed.