For all the whining that the left does about dirty money in politics, the Peak exclusively has obtained a document that shows just how coordinated – potentially illegally – the left’s money really is.  The rule is that there should be a Chinese wall between donations to candidates and party committees and donations to outside groups, which are the soft money organizations that the left complains about.  The flyer below shows just how intertwined the two are.  Who printed this piece?  Was it a campaign? A Democratic Party committee?  Was it printed by Mainstream Colorado?  Paging the allegedly non-partisan (yet, really very partisan) Colorado Ethics Watch!

If you follow the flowchart, you will find that issue committee Mainstream Colorado is permitted to take unlimited funds from pretty much anybody.  That’s why Tim Gill was allowed to donate $175,000 to this organization alone.

Dems Money Schemes

This is not the first time Democrats were caught red-handed in pseudo-money-laundering schemes.  The most recent were the ethics complaint filed against Crisanta Duran and Sen. Mark Udall.  Duran accepted illegal and unreported campaign donations at her birthday event.  Udall, a federal candidate, was caught soliciting donations for a local candidate, which, apparently, is illegal.  Then, there’s Democratic candidate Andrew Romanoff who claims to hate PACs, but once had his own PAC and takes money from candidates who take money from PACs.  In essence, Romanoff’s protest is all for show as he’s engaged in a shell game of PAC money acceptance.  Then, there’s all the outside money spent against Cory Gardner.  Forget the Kochs, the real scumbags skirting campaign finance law are Tom Steyer, George Soros and Colorado Democrats.  Their pay-to-play shenanigans aren’t even subtle any more.