Udall GardnerWhere should we start on how much Sen. Mark Udall and his campaign can’t like the new poll just released by Public Policy Polling?  Let us count the ways:

  1. Known as being a liberal-leaning polling firm, they have Rep. Cory Gardner leading Udall 47%-45%.
  2. The 34% Democrat, 33% Republican, 34% Independent demographic breakdown is a best-case scenario for Democrats come Election Day.
  3. The PPP 53%-47% female-male voting does not reflect the traditional 52%-48% breakdown, meaning they are overly optimistic on female turnout.
  4. The 14% Hispanic turnout is skewed high, with many experts believing it will more likely be around 12%.
  5. Despite all of these minor ways PPP tried to put their finger on the scale to tip it Udall’s way, he is still trailing Gardner 47%-45%!

This next song goes out by request to the Colorado Left who are trying to spin furiously this disastrous poll they commissioned.